Paul Moldenhauer

Senior Pastor

Storefront windows let you peek into a shop to see what’s inside. Well, if you’re interested, let me give you a peek into what’s inside me. What you’ll see is that Jesus is my greatest treasure. What He has done for me is way more than I’ll ever deserve; and way more than I can ever repay. So, I value Jesus more than anything. He’s so good that I long to be a “man after God’s own heart.” Because of that, I also desire to be a “God-run” person who increasingly lives the better, adventure-filled life shared in His book, the Bible. Finally, my life prayer is that He would use me however He desires so that as many people as possible might receive this treasure of Jesus. That’s what’s inside me. On the outside, there’s a husband of 45 years, a father of five, a grandfather of twelve (and counting), a sports fan…and a guy who gets to do what he loves: be a pastor (and they even pay me for it!)

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