Full and Half Day Programs for Early Childhood

Open Enrollment: 6 weeks-Young 5’s.

Our center provides consistency and predictability for your child that makes them feel safe and comfortable. We give all children many opportunities for hands-on learning and exploration at their own developmental level. Through their experiences at Hearts and Hands, children will grow in mind, body, and spirit. We teach children that Jesus loves them and is their Lord and Savior. We create an environment for learning that teaches children to make good choices, decisions and sets them up for success.

Infant Rooms

The Baby takes the lead in the infant room. We follow their schedule for eating sleeping and playing. Infants will experience a loving relationship with a responsive adult who will show the love of Jesus, provide a safe and secure environment, encourage the child’s emerging social, emotional and physical developmental growth. They will also explore their environment and develop friendships with other infants.

As the Infants grow developmentally they become aware of their friends and socially attempt to interact with one another.

Toddler Rooms

Toddlers are increasingly more mobile. They like to carry things around, are interested in cause and effect, are increasingly understanding that their language has meaning, like to play with “real” objects and are very busy learning and discovering! Adults caring for your toddler will encourage their natural interest in God’s world. They will read, sing, facilitate play and introduce children to new things. Children will be introduced to Jesus through songs, stories and praying before meals.

Toddlers love to be actively involved in new experiences. Discovering in their natural surroundings is exciting for them.


Half and Full Day Programs Available

In this program the child’s day will be centered around child-initiated and teacher-planned activities to prepare them for future learning, such as Jesus time/Chapel, Literacy Activities, Hands-On Math, Science, Art, Songs & Stories, Social Relationships, Gross Motor Activities, Fine Motor Activities, Nature Experiences, and Outdoor Play.

These activities focus on the children’s need for Routine, Interactive Play, Pretend Play, Sensory Experiences, Creativity, Independence, Exploration, Self Help & Problem Solving Skills.

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