Weekly Children’s Gatherings

Learning About Being a Child of God

Every Sunday morning, we gather our children together to talk about Jesus’s love for us and how He wants us to share that love in the world.

Bible Adventure

Sundays from 10:00-10:45 a.m.  |  Walled Lake Campus

For children aged four through 5th grade, Bible Adventure time allows kids to learn what the Bible says about who God is, how He sees us, where we each fit into God’s family, and how we live like Jesus. We also build on good spiritual habits of faith like prayer and personal time with God.

Children’s Church

Sundays During Worship  |  Walled Lake Campus

At the beginning of the sermon, kids aged three through 4th grade are able to leave the worship service to hear a message that is on their level, with elements planned just for them, returning to church afterward. We use puppets, videos, songs, games and more to share God’s Word with your children. While children are always welcome to stay with you in worship, this time allows you to hear your message, and they get to hear the message on their level.

Worship Options for Kids (old and young)

Everyone learns and grows in different styles and we want to aid everyone in that growing! Everyone is welcome to utilize the following options:

Children’s Worship Notes

Do you want to keep your children in church and have help picking up on pieces of the message and worship? We will have a few different pages you can choose from and you can get a notebook to keep them in! They are adult-worshipper friendly too if it helps you to take notes!

Sensory Toys/Fidgets

Some of us just need to keep our hands busy while we are listening. We have a selection of fidgets for you to borrow during worship. Marble mazes, stress balls, pop its, and more are available. Please return them to the bin so someone else can use them after you!

Coloring Pages

For our friends that want to be colorful about following along!

Faith Milestones Classes

A milestone is a marker along the journey that tells you something happened. Milestones in our faith provide markers for us as we grow with God in our faith individually and as families. These moments bring the church and home together, strengthen faith, and are celebrated as a family of God! You will see Faith Milestones classes on the calendar at different times. We know life is busy and we aren’t trying to just add another thing you feel you have to do – or feel guilty about not doing – to your days. We are going to give you tools to take the moments you have, recognize and celebrate God in them, and strengthen the foundation of their faith for a lifetime. 

Appropriate age groups are given for the milestones, however, due to the absence of these classes, you can go back and get classes you have missed if you would like. Classes will be offered multiple times.

Baptism and the Faith Journey

Your home is your first and most important small group! Parents, this class is for anyone with young children who want to start their family faith journey off with added support and resources. We will talk about baptism (if your child hasn’t been baptized, we will have next steps available for you!), praying and speaking blessings over your children, family time, faith chests, and so much more! Almost too much to pack into one meeting, but we want to get you started off well – or give you more ideas and support for what you are already doing!

See upcoming classes on our Events page!

First Bible

Parents and student receiving the Bible attend together. Childcare will be offered so both parents can attend if desired. Getting your first “big, non-picture book” Bible is a big deal! Whether you are ready for it as a reader or need it for school (next year’s St. Matthew 3rd graders, I’m looking at you!), it’s an exciting milestone! Find out more about your Bible, practice using it, see what extra helps are in there, “go” on a Bible scavenger hunt, and more! We use the NIV Adventure Bible, but you may bring a different Bible. If you would like to purchase one through the church, it is $15.

See upcoming classes on our Events page!

Special Events

We offer Special Events for kids and families throughout the year! Watch our Events page for details on upcoming events such as Trunk or Treat (October), Winterfest (January), VBS (June), Summer Nights and Summer Fest! Some events, such as VBS, require sign ups, but many do not require RSVPs. Our events for kids and families are open to the community and are absolutely free!

Vacation Bible School

Annually in June  |  Walled Lake Campus

Every summer we offer a weeklong Vacation Bible School (VBS) for kids aged three through 5th grade. VBS meets every morning for a week, during which kids experience the love of Jesus through a special theme that includes movement, music, snacks and games. To learn more about the upcoming VBS, visit our Events page.

Trunk or Treat

Annually in October  |  Walled Lake Campus

Our annual Trunk or Treat is a well known and well attended event in our community! Each October, we line up decorated trunks and trucks and hand out goodies to excited children and they walk with their families through our back parking lot. Food, inflatables, games, crafts, petting farm and more are always open to the community! This free event provides a safe and fun way to celebrate the fall season! Watch for details of this year’s event on our Events page.

Summer Nights and SummerFest

Throughout the Summer  |  Walled Lake & Wixom Campus

Each summer we offer special events for the entire family, with inflatables, foam parties, games, crafts and more! Our Summer Nights (Walled Lake) and SummerFest (Wixom) events are always open to the community and free! Watch for details of all our upcoming events on our Events page.

Volunteers Welcome!

To keep up an engaging schedule for an active community of children, we’re always looking for caring volunteers! If you’re interested in helping with any part of the children’s ministry at St. Matthew, take a look at our serving at St. Matthew page.

Additional Resources

  • Children's Ministry Facebook Page

    Follow our Children’s Ministry Facebook Page here!

  • Child Care and Education

    If you are considering options for child care, preschool, elementary and middle school for your children, please take a look at our Hearts & Hands Child Development Center (6 weeks through young 5’s) located at our Wixom campus and our St. Matthew Lutheran School (preschool through grade 8) at our Walled Lake campus. We are happy to discuss how we can support your family with nurturing care and exceptional education for your children!

  • Free Access to RightNow Media

    Through a partnership with RightNow Media, we offer free access to an online media library with thousands of Christian Bible study, training and leadership videos from respected teachers and leaders. RightNow Media offers resources on many parental and marital topics, as well as wholesome videos for your children. Sign up for your free RightNow Media account here.

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