Serving at St. Matthew

Experience the joy of serving! We offer many ways to get involved at St. Matthew. What gifts and talents do you have to share? What are some areas that you want to connect with others who have similar interests in serving? Find a place to serve at St. Matthew! See our serving opportunities:

St. Matthew SErving

Local Missions

As a church we directly support residents in our immediate geographic area. We help those experiencing financial crisis through our Community Assistance Ministry. We also partner with and support other churches and local and regional organizations where we can tangibly make a difference. Some of the ways we support residents of our local area are through:

  • St. Matthew Community Assistance
  • St Paul Community Lutheran Church – Pontiac, Michigan
  • Another Way Pregnancy Center
  • Many other local organizations through our mission-focused School

National and International Missions

We believe that God’s love needs to reach the far corners of the world. As a church we organize and support mission trips as well as partner with organizations which have the ability to make a difference in the lives of God’s people in faraway places. Some examples of our national and international mission support are:

  • Youth Mission Trips
  • MOST Ministries eyeglass missions & mission trips to India
  • World Vision
  • Compassion International

Want to get involved?

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How Can We Help?

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