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October 16, 2014

From the Principal,

Always Add the Right Ingredients!
                    "If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness."  I John 1:9
What is one of your favorite aromas to smell as you walk into a kitchen?  Perhaps is the delicious scent of a turkey roasting in the  oven?  Some may have more of a sweet tooth and gravitate towards the fragrance of chocolate chip cookies?  As we enter into the season of fall, there is nothing more inviting than the scent of a simmering fresh apple crisp cooling on the counter top.  However, one of my all time favorite kitchen scents is the aroma of fresh chocolate brownies.
In chapel today, I had numerous helpers assisting me in making a batch of brownies to send to my daughter in college.  Known for her giftedness in the kitchen, I wisely selected Mrs. Rohman to help oversee this process as three student volunteers also provided their culinary assistance as well.  Together, we read the directions and added each important ingredient following the steps listed in the directions.  Eventually, the delicious chocolate aroma started to permeate the front of the church, especially as we added the extra special "Hershey's sauce" into the mix. 
However, as we finished the last direction, I suggested that we add one more ingredient that was not listed on the box, and that was tuna fish!  Immediately, as if on cue, a bellowing "Ewwwww" resounded through the crowd as the students' faces reflected a look of horror by the suggestion.  One little Preschooler could not contain his disgust as he shouted, "That would ruin the whole thing!"  to which I replied..."and that is exactly what sin does!"  God gave us so many wonderful gifts and blessingsyet sin "ruined everything!" 
I continued to quiz the students... "What if I just put a little tuna in the brownie mix"  and showed just a little chunk of tuna.  Again, I was met with heavy resistance as an overwhelming "NOOOOO!" resounded through the church.  Again, we referred back to the point that even what we see as a little sin, such as: "It was just a little lie, What's it going to hurt?"  "It was just one negative sentence on social media, What's it going to hurt?"  "It was just a little shove, What's it going to hurt?"  Sin is sin and ruins things... no matter the amount! 
The good news is that God sent us a Savior to take away all tuna fish... I mean sin! When these things have a way of occurring, Jesus is always the solution for getting it resolved. However, this does not mean that we can do whatever we want with no fear of consequences.  Our love for Christ and wanting to live a life that pleases Him motivates us to behave in ways that follow Christ's example.
This school year, we ask the Lord to help us guard against sin seeping into our relationships and behaviors so that He may be glorified in all that we do.
Have a wonderful week following God's perfect recipe for our lives!
In Jesus,
Mrs. Palka

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St. Matthew Lutheran School recognizes the importance between nutrition and learning. Our students are taught 
that as children of God, they develop their talents to the best of their ability. The importance of healthy eating 
habits along with physical activity are essential to both physical and mental growth, as well as a students overall 
health and well-being. St. Matthew’s goal is to assist both students and staff in the development of lifelong 
The Charger's track team made its way to St. Paul Lapeer to take part in the first meet of the year.  With fifteen teams participating, it was a large and challenging event!  
The team had a very successful day with many members placing in the top 6 in their events.  One of the Chargers even set a new school record as Jose Aguilera ran the 400 meter in 1:07.13 for a new record for the boys 5th and 6th graders here at St. Matthew!  He broke the old record by five seconds!  
Jesus said, "If you hold to my teaching, you are really my disciples. Then you will know the truth and the truth will set you free." (John 8:31)
There is a mission field each day at St. Matthew Church.    International people come