St. Matthew Lutheran School

From the Principal,

May 14, 2015

St. Matthew Lutheran School Receives the Martin Roedel Christian Sportmanship Award!

During last week's regional Track Meet, our school was given a tremendous honor as we were presented with the very first "Martin Roedel Christian Sportsmanship Award".

This Lutheran Athletic League award was designed to recognize schools that display Christian sportsmanship in all venues of competitive athletics.

Student athletes were unaware that at the end of every athletic game this year, coaches and the Athletic Directors that were present completed a form and ranked the opposing team, coach, and fans on the Christian sportsmanship that they displayed during the competition.

The forms were turned into the league; the school with the best average score received this award.

This award has been named after Mr. Martin Roedel, who was the Athletic Director at Concordia Redford until his untimely passing in March of this year. Mr. Roedel was a very Godly man who loved teaching, athletics, and Jesus. It was a very special honor to have his wife and daughter present the award to our Athletic Director, Mr. Matthew Olsen, for St. Matthew Lutheran School.

Of all the accomplishments our school has achieved this year, this one really touches my heart! This award speaks volumes to our students, teachers, coaches and parents. What a joy to be recognized for Christian character and showing Jesus during competitive athletic competitions! This is the legacy that we want to always leave - not only during athletic games, but also after every encounter we have with others!

To God be the glory!

In His love,

Mrs. Palka



Latest News

After winning first place honors for creativity, team work, problem solving, and innovation at the State level, our seventh and eighth grade Destination Imagination teams will be heading to Knoxville, Tennessee, on May 19 - 23 to participate in the DI Global tournament!

Our in-school Book Fair runs from Monday, April 27 through Saturday, May 2.  You can also shop online at the Online Book Fair through Tuesday, May 5.

Click HERE for more information!!

On April 18th, on the campus of Central Michigan University, three St. Matthew Destination Imagination teams - 5th Grade, 7th Grade, and 8th Grade - competed with the best teams in the state of Michigan. All of the teams performed incredibly well, with the 7th and 8th Grade teams taking 1st place in their Fine Arts competitions! In addition, the 7th Grade team was awarded the prestigious DaVinci Award for outstanding creativity!

This weekend, we have three teams heading to the Central Michigan University campus in Mt. Pleasant, MI, to participate in the DI State Tournament. We would like to wish God's richest blessings to our 5th, 7th, and 8th grades teams! May the Lord be glorified in all that you do!

Come one come all to
St Matthew's Spring Scholastic Book Fair. 
When: April 27 - May 2.