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From the Principal,

October 8, 2015

Jesus Can Help You  See the "Light"!

"I can do all things through Him who gives me strength!" Philippians 4:13

Have you ever had an idea that seemed like a really terrific plan during its initial conception stage, but as time grew, so did the work and cost involved with the project? Perhaps the new puppy evolved into the price of replacing landscaping and installing an invisible fence? Maybe a new bedspread resulted into the purchase of new furniture and paint? I've even heard stories of how a new camera can lead to the purchase a new computer and printer to allow the photos to be printed.
For me, it started with seeing a few pendant lights on sale and thinking how great it would be to have a little extra lighting in our kitchen. What started out being just a few new lights resulted in an extreme kitchen makeover!
To expedite this exciting endeavor, I relied on the assistance of my dear friend, who possesses a fantastic flair as an interior designer. As she stood in my kitchen, she suggested that since we were going to hire an electrician to install my fabulous "sale" lights, we should update the rest of the kitchen lighting as well. Knowing her advice would lead to amazing results, we requested the electrician pull out six older cannon lights and install 14 mini ceiling lights.
Wanting to avoid the mess and being in the way of the electrician, we scheduled the installation of the new lights to occur while we were taking our daughter back to school. Upon our 1:00 a.m. arrival back home, we walked into our kitchen that now had beautiful lights... just no ceiling due to all the dry wall that needed to be removed throughout the installation process. The tremendous dust and exposed ceiling rafters made it almost look like a war zone!
Fortunately, my girlfriend also knew of a wonderful 80 year old dry-waller, who also did a fantastic job repairing all of the holes and missing ceiling, but now .... the entire kitchen needed to be repainted!

Finally, everything was completed last week and it now looks absolutely beautiful. However, as a precautionary measure to prevent anymore "bright" ideas, Ken has now learned how to recognize and immediately throw away any Potterybarn catalogs when he checks the mail.
For the past three weeks, St. Matthew Lutheran Church has been focusing on a sermon series entitled, "Life's Healing Choices". As we have been learning how to surrender our hurts, hang ups, and habits to the Lord, I started thinking how my kitchen project is very similar to various situations in our lives.

Sometimes, our fears and anxiety can take a small problem and turn it into a much larger and more complicated problem. Sometimes, we experience small problems that we think we can manage on our own, yet when we trace the extension cord to what this problem is really plugged into, we learn that it is much bigger than we ever imagined. However, as we are learning in this series, there is NO problem bigger than our God. There is nothing that we are experiencing that is too big or too small for Him to handle.
This week, whatever problem you are facing, start addressing it by surrendering it to our loving Heavenly Father and asking Him for help in guiding you through it. Then, allow Him to be your "project manager" and guide you to handle whatever you may be facing in ways that are pleasing to Him.
"Cast all your anxieties on Him, because He cares for you!"           1 Peter 5:7
May the peace of the verse help you to face whatever comes your way this week!

In Jesus' love,

Mrs. Palka

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After winning first place honors for creativity, team work, problem solving, and innovation at the State level, our seventh and eighth grade Destination Imagination teams will be heading to Knoxville, Tennessee, on May 19 - 23 to participate in the DI Global tournament!

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