Volunteer Hours

Each family is required to donate 20 hours of volunteer assistance per year in one or more of the school's educational or extracurricular activities (Single parents are required to donate 10 hours per year).  Volunteer hours for each school year will be accumulated from July 1 - June 30.  Family members must be non-students 18 years of age or older to particpate.  Please see the School Handbook on our Current Parents page for additional details.
Use this form whenever you need to sumbit volunteer hours. If you have already fulfilled your hours due to a coaching DI or a sports team, enter "EXEMPT-[activity name]" in the volunteer activity field and 20 in the total hours. If you have fulfilled your hours due to one of these activities, then this is the only time you will need to submit this form for the year.
For more information on volunteer hours, please see the School Handbook on our Current Parents page.
If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Volunteer Coordinator
Date that the volunteer activity took place.
Type of volunteer activity performed (e.g. welcome center, field trip chaperone, etc.)
Time spent at this volunteer activity, rounded to the nearest 15 minute increment (e.g. 2:15, 2:30, 2:45)