Welcome to St. Matthew! We hope you will worship with us!


What can you expect Easter Sunday at St. Matthew?

We are happy to offer a choice of 5 worship services, with 3 different styles on 2 campuses! We hope one of these services will meet yours needs and fit your preferences! We are so happy to have you join us in celebrating our risen Lord on Easter Sunday.

On Easter and other major holidays, we do not offer our Children's Bible Adventure, Youth or Adult Bible Classes. We encourage families to sit and worship together. We are happy to have all ages join us in any of our worship venues and styles, and we look forward to seeing you and your family!

Come as you are. In our worship services you will see people dressed in many different ways. The most important part of worship is just that you are worshiping!

If you are visiting, please stop by our Welcome Center if you have any questions regarding worship or our church, and we will gladly guide you or answer questions. Introduce yourself, and please fill out a Communication Card so we can keep in touch or pray for you.


Easter Sunday, April 12 - Our Three Easter Worship Styles

Festival Worship

Offered in our Walled Lake Campus sanctuary, this worship style is a blend of traditional and contemporary styles of worship, with music led by organ, piano, and brass ensemble.

  • 8:15am (with communion)
  • 9:40am
  • 11:15am
Prayer & Praise Worship

Offered in our Walled Lake Campus gymnasium, this is a contemporary worship format, led by our Walled Lake praise band.

  • 11:00am
New Vintage Worship

Offered in our Wixom Campus multi-purpose room, this blended worship has a little more intimate size congregation, and is led by our Wixom praise band.

  • 9:00am

Do you have questions regarding our Easter worship or our regular worship at St. Matthew? Please call the church office at 248-624-7676, send an email to churchoffice@st-matthew.org or complete the form below.

International Easter Celebration

Holy Week Worship

Palm Sunday, April 5 (Regular Worship Schedule)

  • Walled Lake:
    • 8:15am & 9:40am Blended worship in Sanctuary
    • 11:00am Prayer & Praise worship in Gym
    • 7:00pm Monday, April 6 evening Blended worship in Sanctuary
  • Wixom:
    • 9:00am New Vintage worship

Maundy Thursday, April 9

  • 7:00pm worship (with communion) at the Walled Lake Campus

Good Friday, April 10

The cross on Good Friday is where Jesus showed His love for us! We have several worship opportunities to help prepare our hearts, and to help us understand the depth of God's love for us. Please join us on Good Friday to understand the full impact of God's glory on Easter Sunday!

  • Walled Lake Worship in Sanctuary
    • 1:00pm Worship (with communion)
    • 7:00pm Service of Darkness
  • Wixom Worship
    • 7:00pm Worship (with communion)

Details Regarding St. Matthew's Communion Policy

To take communion at St. Matthew, you must believe in Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord;  believe that in, with, and under the bread and wine we receive the true body and blood of Christ; confess your sin, seek the assurance of forgiveness, and intend, with God’s help, to amend your sinful life.

Anyone who has not yet been instructed, is in doubt, or holds a confession differing from this belief, and yet desires to receive the sacrament, is asked first to speak with the pastor.  For those simply desiring to receive a blessing from the minister, you may come forward and pass through the line with your arms crossed in front of you.

For the benefit of communicants who have reactions to the unleavened wheat wafers, unleavened rice wafers are also available.  Simply indicate the need for a rice wafer to the pastor as you come up for communion.

For the benefit of communicants who need less alcohol, several individual cups containing white grape juice with a slight tincture of wine is included in the center of each communion tray.  They are easily distinguished from the cups containing red wine.

For further study, see Matthew 5:23f; 10:32f; 18:15-35; 26:26-29; I Cor. 11:17-34.

Next Steps

On April 19 we begin our series "Things Jesus Never Said". We hope you continue worshiping with us!

On April 19 we hold our "Exploring Christianity" class, from 2-5pm at our Walled Lake Campus. See more information and register HERE.

Interested in becoming a member of St. Matthew? Also on April 19, our New Member Classes begin with "Life Basics". To register for or to find out  more about this 4 session class series, click HERE.

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