Discovering Grace

Sunday, September 10, 2017 to Monday, November 20, 2017

Series Summary:

Five hundred years ago, Martin Luther rediscovered a treasure that has always been available to the world, but veiled… until he began reading the Bible.  God’s Word relieved his personal fears and quenched the thirst for a loving and gracious God.  Luther chose to translate God’s Word from Latin into the German language so everyone could discover God’s saving Grace.  Now today, the Bible has become the most translated and printed book in the world.  The treasure of God’s Grace is available to you!  Whether you are opening the bible for the first time or have been meditating on the Word your whole life, our series, Discovering Grace, will invite everyone to grow in God’s Grace as we read about His love in the opening chapters of Genesis and learn various methods to study and apply God’s Word to our lives. 

In the latter portion of the series, we will invite everyone to join together on the same page in personal, small group and Sunday Worship as we spend 40 Days in the Word.  Like Luther, discovering God’s love for him, let’s join together as a congregation in God’s Word to be reminded of God’s freeing grace for all creation.



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