Consistent Worldview

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Sunday, April 19, 2015
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Western nations tend to be dominated by certain unaddressed worldview contradictions.  For example, our American society tends to strongly uphold certain values such as tolerance of all other human beings, respect for all human life, the importance of helping people who struggle with disabilities or financial hardship, and ethics and “doing the right thing” in general.   Even though our American public schools and universities, media, scientific institutions, etc. teach and promote a purely naturalistic, evolutionary worldview, the values that we stand for tend to reflect the exact opposite.  Most Americans believe and teach that all human beings have value, that the weak, physically challenged, and mentally challenged people should all be protected and treated with dignity, and that people such as Adolph Hitler, who sought to exterminate such people from his society, were “evil” for doing so, despite the fact that natural selection recognizes “survival of the fittest” as good and necessary for the evolution of any species. Furthermore, they also treat their own friends and loved ones as being far more valuable than just the “accidental, chemical byproducts of random chance and natural selection” that they claim to believe they are. The Bible, however, not only provides us with a worldview that’s completely consistent with our innate societal beliefs that there’s such a thing as “good and evil” – “right and wrong” – as well as a basis on which we can define these things (a “supreme moral lawgiver” – God), and that even the weakest human beings should be protected and treated with dignity, but it also provides us with a worldview that accounts for the constant degeneration of the world around us (i.e. that this world, including our human bodies, is “groaning” and wearing-out constantly under the curse of sin, the abundance of evidence that humans are not naturally good, etc.).  

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