OMNI - Orphan Medical Network International


St. Matthew is supporting OMNI's school and community in Zambia through Student Sponsorship and by contributing towards the completion of the Ablution Building.

Please note, Student Sponsorships should go directly through OMNI at . Other contributions can be made either directly to OMNI or through St. Matthew (indicate OMNI in the memo field).

See how you can contribute and learn more about OMNI at

Student Sponsorship

  • Please sponsor a student directly through OMNI at (not through St. Matthew).
  • Student sponsorship is $30 per month.  Sponsors can pay monthly, quarterly, annually, or however they wish.  The $30 pays for a quality education by government licensed teachers (to date, OMNI's 7th graders have had a 100% pass rate on their government exams) and a daily hot meal in a Christian environment.  By virtue of being OMNI School students, they also receive school uniforms, shoes, medical care, anti-malaria treated mosquito nets for sleeping, funeral expenses, and most recently, chlorine treatment to take home to ensure that their water at home is safe.  We expect that this measure will reduce the cases of malaria, the number one killer in Africa, and thus improve school attendance.  OMNI School currently serves grades 1-7; however, next year beginning in January 2018, we expect to add 8th grade.  Zambia's Department of Education was so pleased with OMNI School's high standards and success rate that it was granted the approval of offering 8th grade.  Ideally, we like to assign new sponsors to young students so that they can develop a relationship over the years.  We do understand that financial circumstances change and that sponsorship sometimes needs to be ended for that reason.  There is no time obligation.
  • Sponsors will receive an annual picture of their student.  Additional photos can be found at Orphan Medical Network International on Facebook and on OMNI's website -
  • Sponsors are encouraged to write to their students and send pictures.  Students are thrilled to receive mail from their sponsors.  Mail should be sent to OMNI's US mailing address which currently is 5227 Crossbow Circle - Roanoke, VA  24018.  This address will change sometime this year, and sponsors will be notified.
  • We currently have 223 students enrolled in grades 1 through 7 - half boys and half girls.  3% are double orphans (both parents are deceased), 21% are single orphans (one parent is deceased), and the remaining 76% are considered vulnerable.  All students live in "absolute poverty" which is a much more dire status than "poverty."  One criterion when selecting students to attend OMNI School is the reality that the family cannot afford the basic expenses of sending their children to public school.
  • One important item of information to share with potential sponsors is the fact that every dollar that they give goes directly to the education and support of their student.  OMNI has no paid staff here in the US, and all members of the annual medical mission teams pay their own way to serve the people of Zambia.  Over 4,000 impoverished people in 8 remote villages are served each year by OMNI's medical team.  Many of these people receive no other medical care throughout the year. 

Ablution Building

  • The "ablution building" is currently under construction.  $24,500 of $34,500 has already been raised, but an additional $10k is required to finish.  The 220 students, and 40 staff are currently sharing 6 toilets on the property, or what is effectively a walled-in hole-in-the-ground when not at school.
  • Please contribute either directly to OMNI or through St. Matthew, by indicating "OMNI" in the memo field.

Please note, Student Sponsorships should go directly through OMNI at . Other contributions can be made either directly to OMNI or through St. Matthew (indicate "OMNI" in the memo field).

Questions? Contact Clay Donnell for more information at Clay@6iservices or 810-560-1485.