Volunteer Opportunity - International Ministry (UPDATED 8/7)

International ministry volunteers needed for classes beginning September 17th.

Could God be calling you to share His love with others in your everyday life? Are you open to learning how to communicate and make new friends from other parts of the world? Are you willing to partner with experienced volunteers and in one of the 20+ classes offered during the week?

Visit www.smifriends.org to see a class schedule.

We offer an orientation for all volunteers on September 9th & 10th. Classes with biggest needs listed below. Email for more details and questions.

  • Toddler and me class leader (Friday mornings)
  • Conversation A class (Tuesday mornings)
  • Cooking class (1st & 3rd Friday afternoons of the month)
  • Survival A class (Wednesday afternoons)
  • Survival B class (Friday mornings)
  • Discussion class (Thursday mornings) NEW!
248-624-7676 ext 113