Volunteer Opportunities - Welcome Center - Weekdays

We are looking for some wonderful Welcome Center volunteers to provide a hospitable, welcoming presence for visitors during the school year, and at the same time, enhance the safe environment for our children and staff at Walled Lake Campus. Many of our guests during the weekday include parents of school children, our International Friends and their children who come for classes, and congregation members entering the building on church-related business. We currently have Friday shifts available - both morning and afternoon, as well as Tuesday afternoons. Other time slots are available occasionally, and we would love to have back-up Volunteers who could be called on an as-needed basis. These hours can count towards Volunteer Hours for parents, and can be a great way to connect with parents, students, staff, and our International Friends. These Volunteers are critical to the smooth operation of the Church and School Office, and we greatly appreciate any time you may be able to give. Some of our Volunteers commit to once a month and some only serve once in a while. If you are interested, please contact Julie Yeskie in the School Office to discuss further and find out more info. Thank you so much for considering!