School - Scholastic Book Fair - Starts Oct. 14

The Book Fair will run Monday, October 14, Noon to 4:00 pm, and Tuesday through Friday, October 15-18, 8:00 am to 4:00 pm. Online shopping is October 6-19 at .

  • E-wallet: Set up an e-wallet account for your Student so you do not need to send a check or cash with them to purchase books. 
  • All For Books: Purchase a Scholastics Book Bag for $1.00 and enter your Student into the Fall Book Fair Contest to win Prizes. Proceeds from the $1.00 book bags goes to All for Books to purchase books for the school Library and Classrooms.
  • Don’t forget to round up at to the next dollar at the register. The added change goes towards the purchase of books for the school Library and Classrooms. 
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