Mission of the Month: The Hope Center

Many of you probably listen to K-LOVE Radio or have, at least, heard of it. K-LOVE is a national Christian radio station that helps people come to faith in Jesus every single day. Two years ago, K-LOVE, World Hope, and The Hope partnered together to create The K-LOVE Hope Center in Detroit. Their goal is to fully restore the city to what it once was, while also assisting in ushering in the great future it is destined to have. Through K-LOVE Hope Center, lives will be touched when needs are met and beneficiaries find the love of Jesus. As you are aware, St. Matthew Lutheran Church & School chooses different missions to support each month. In November, we are supporting the K-LOVE Hope Center. We’re hoping to support them by collecting gently used clothing and financial contributions. You can donate financially by writing K-LOVE Hope Center in the memo field. We would love to be a part of bringing more people to know Jesus’ love in the city of Detroit. You can provide hope to these people in need. And providing hope in Jesus is priceless. “Anyone who is among the living has hope” – Ecclesiastes 9:4


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