"Life Before Birth 2018" Wall Calendars Available!

Don't miss out! These calendars are only available (at St. Matthew) through Life Sunday, January 21st. With 8.5 by 11" pages, these eye-catching & colorful calendars are perfect for someone who's anticipating a new baby in 2018, or maybe to display at home or in a workplace (thus sharing a quiet pro-life message). They depict cute babies in all their individuality, along with actual ultrasound pictures of each one in the womb. Take a look at a sample calendar (on the pro-life bulletin board at W.L.), and sign up there for one of the 10 calendars we received from Another Way Pregnancy Center. Each calendar is only $1. Please provide your name, phone #, and email address on the bulletin board, or give Mary Walden a call at: 248-231-3632.

248.231-3632 -- Mary W.