**Important Security Procedure Updates**

Last spring, a security analysis was completed at both St. Matthew campuses. As a result, we are implementing new safety and security measures. One of the areas we are improving security is at the Welcome Center of the Walled Lake campus during School hours. Please be aware that every person coming into the building during school hours (8:20am - 3:30pm) will be required to not only sign in and out at the Welcome Center, they will be required to wear a Visitor, Volunteer, Class, or Contractor Badge while in the building. Mrs. Natalie Yanosy, our Family Life Secretary, will now be working from the Welcome Center to provide that security, and greeting those coming into the building. When Mrs. Yanosy or another staff person is not at the desk, we will have one of a few select, well trained volunteers stationed there. Also understand, if you are not recognized at the front door, you may also be asked your name and your purpose for being there, prior to being allowed in through the locked doors. The purpose of the new procedures is to provide an environment that is safe for the children and staff who are in the building. We simply need to know that any adult seen in the building is authorized to be there, as indicated by a St. Matthew issued badge. Thank you for your understanding as we implement these new procedures out of care and concern for our precious children and the staff who work in ministry at St. Matthew.