Foundation Board Update on 2018 Grants

The St. Matthew Foundation Board manages funds that have been provided by generous donors over the years.  The funds are invested in and managed by Thrivent Financial, much like a 401k.  These funds are intended to be used for projects not included in the overall yearly budgets.  The principal remains in the funds, while a portion of the interest gained each year is distributed via grants – much like an Endowment fund.  These grants have supported many items in various areas of St. Matthew over the years.

In 2018, the Foundation Board was happy to award 5 grants to fund $5,352.05 in projects for the church and $2,979.50 in projects for the school.  The projects that we were able to fund are:
- Christmas and Easter Celebration artists and entertainers for the International Ministry
- Exterior door locks and upgraded security at the Walled Lake Campus
- Northwest Education’s Assessment “Put us to the test” for the School
- Two new picnic tables for the pavilion near the playground/baseball field
- Security features for Hearts & Hands and Sunday worship at the Wixom Campus

When you make a special gift donation to the Foundation Ministry above your normal giving, those funds are invested to grow indefinitely!  Your gift will continue to support St. Matthew for many years in the future.  To make a donation to the Foundation, you can simply write a check out to St. Matthew and write “Foundation Ministry” in the note section.  Place your donation in an offering plate or mail it to the church office.  Also, you can donate online by clicking “Donate” on the main page.  Use the “Other Special Gifts” field and type “Foundation Ministry” in the note section.  You can also support the Foundation by praying that God would continue to bless these funds to be used to further his Kingdom.

We are looking forward to seeing what God has in store for the Foundation funds in 2019!

Contact Phone: (630) 780-7006 and E-mail:

(630) 780-7006