Bible Study Starting in September - Family Life Program Entitled "THRIVE!" - Walled Lake and Wixom Campus

Turn Your Child’s Challenges into Opportunities for Growth and Help Your Child Thrive!

Children are under tremendous pressure today resulting in all kinds of personal challenges that affect their hearts and their responses to life. Anxiety, disrespect, defiance, depression, ADHD, and even things like anger episodes or arguing with Mom when she says no are indications of significant challenges.

Thrive is a heart-based plan modeled after the way that God works with us, his children, and it's powerful! All children are unique BUT every child has a heart, and when you use these tools and strategies, major changes take place in your child.

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WALLED LAKE Classes begin: Sunday Mornings beginning September 9th, 2018
Times: TBD (9:40 and/or 11:00)
Duration: 6-8 weeks

WIXOM Classes begin: Sunday Mornings beginning September 16th, 2018
Time: 10:20am
Duration: 6-8 weeks

248-624-7676 ext. 127
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