Adoption Conference Information Now Available!

Interested in learning more about our Saturday, November 11th conference on "adoption, fostering, & other possibilities?" Then be sure to pick up a brochure at the pro-life bulletin board at the St. Matthew-W.L. campus. (If you're at the Wixom campus, contact Mary Walden, or go to our website.) The "Picture a Future You Cannot See" conference invites all adults to explore these options, no matter your age, whether you're married or single, or whether you've already raised your children. Come for information, to hear from those with experience (either personal or professional), and maybe to become inspired to action! There are so many orphans all over the world, as well as many children in need of fostering and possible adoption in MI and our own area. Could you be there for them... to stand in the gap? Go also to our website ( -- with online registration!

248.231-3632 Mary W. -- cell number