A 20/20 Vision

What might God want St. Matthew to be like in 2020?

God has impressed upon us the urgent need to partner with Him in developing vibrant, missional Christ-followers as we move toward the end of this decade. We have only one life on this planet; and the love of Christ is compelling us to do all that we can to follow His lead in “helping people grow closer to and more like Jesus” in fresh, new, and exciting ways.

God moved St. Matthew in the fall of 2012 to embrace a so-called 20/20 Vision:

          By 2020 St. Matthew will be developing vibrant, missional Christ-followers in a post-Christian America

Here are the updated Priority A, B, and C strategies for that vision, which have been prioritized for completion by next summer:

Priority A

  1. Discern staffing due to limitations in funding and laws regarding full-time equivalents and minimum wage for salaried workers
  2. Evaluate the Sunday morning worship and Bible Adventure, youth and adult Bible class schedule
  3. Address any urgent facility needs that are hindering ministry
  4. Discern and begin additional relational, need meeting “Bridge” ministry in the community: e.g. The HUB: Helping Us Bridge  (Rob & Paul)  
  5. God space (spiritual conversations) training (Rob)
  6. Get more involved in mission opportunities (Rob, John, & Becky)
  7. Increase in the number of people in small groups (Ahren)
  8. Improve relational accountability with the Triangle (Implementation Team)
  9. Upgrade communication (Gail)
  10. Discern the WL Associate Pastor position (Paul)
  11. Improve “curb appeal” of campuses, including upgrade to main lobby restrooms and seeking city approval for digital sign at Walled Lake (Bryan)

Priority B

  1. Evaluate new constitution and bylaws (Implementation Team)
  2. Increase and care for volunteers (Henry)
  3. Redesign & expand ministry for aging population (Paul)

Priority C

  1. Develop membership renewal process (Paul) 

It is our fervent hope and prayer that God will powerfully work in and through us toward the fulfillment of that 20/20 Vision!

2020 Vision from St. Matthew Lutheran Church on Vimeo.