Mission and Vision


God’s forgiving love for us in Christ compels us to fulfill His Great Commission by lovingly equipping one another to disciple our congregation, community, and the world.


What might God want St. Matthew to be like in 2020?

God has impressed upon us the urgent need to partner with Him in developing vibrant, missional Christ-followers as we move toward the end of this decade. We have only one life on this planet; and the love of Christ is compelling us to do all that we can to follow His lead in “helping people grow closer to and more like Jesus” in fresh, new, and exciting ways.

Find out more about our 20/20 Vision.

Check out this video that shares more information about our vision!


God has called St. Matthew to:

  1. Proclaim Jesus as the only Savior
  2. Be a Spirit-led, culturally relevant, Bible-based, prayer-filled, Lutheran church
  3. Make worship the highest priority since, by God’s grace, He engages people through the Word and Sacraments in ways that transform every aspect of individual lives and the church
  4. Make outreach an urgent priority for every individual, group and the church as a whole
  5. Equip the church as a whole and individuals in their journey toward Jesus-like living
  6. Empower and equip individuals to work together in unified service to God by generously utilizing their spiritual gifts, passion, financial resources and time
  7. Cultivate all ministry in the context of personal, loving relationships with God and others, especially through caring communities
  8. Equip and assist individuals and families to pass on the passion for Jesus to the next generation